Praise for Officer Friendly

 “Robinson has that rare power . . . to make a setting breathe, to invest it with a vitality that seems as authentic and intense as the pulse beats of his characters.”  —The New York Times Book Review


“Eleven letter-perfect stories with the keen understanding of human nature readers expect to find in works by veterans like Alice Munro.” —San Francisco Chronicle


“So rich with strange characters and twists and turns of plot that it doesn’t feel like a short-story collection at all: it feels like a film festival. . . . You wouldn’t want to live in Point Allison, but Robinson makes it hard to leave.”  —Newsweek


“[Officer Friendly] has the lustrous finish and satisfying heft of classic craftsmanship. . . . Fully formed, totally irresistible, and refreshingly retrograde . . . [The characters’] predicaments have the unfailing power to elicit surprise, recognition and wonder. . . . Robinson has an eye for the complex misunderstandings that bind people—best friends, lovers, kids and their parents. It’s knotty, no-nonsense stuff, but Robinson works it into heirlooms.” —Los Angeles Times